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            Shenzhen Normand Electronic Co.,Ltd specialized in the R&D,production and sales all kinds of ic built-in led new product. Our team has more than and 10 years of experience in R & D LED.we are all researched and produced by ourselves, Our company has 5000 square meters of dustproof, anti-static production workshop, automatic die bonder, automatic welding machine, automatic dispensing machine , automatic testing machine, efficient automatic taping machine. We used imported raw materials or brand materials to ensure the high quality and long-term stable supply.

            In order to meet different needs which from decoration of entertainment place and advertisement board, we have been working in producing all kinds of  led and led strip ,like GS8208,SK9822,SK9822-A,SK9822MINI,SK9822-EC20, SK6812 ,SK6812RGBP8,SK6805-EC15,SK6812-2020,SK6812 3535, SK6812HV-4P,SK6813HV-09-6P,SK6812 MINI RGBW,SK6812MINI-E,SK6812 Side, SK6812 SIDE-A,SK6805 SIDE-G,SK6805 SIDE-S,SK6812SIDE-FRGBW,SK6812-EC3210R,SK6812-EC3210F,SK6812 WWA ,SK6805MICRO-J, SC6812 RGBW,SK6812RGBWP8, SK6812 RGBY,SK9816,SK9826,APA102-2020 APA102-1515, WS2815,WS2813,WS2812B LED, TM1809, WS2801,WS2811 TM1812,LPD6803,LPD8806, UCS1903 digital led strip ,and side view 335,335rgb,S shape 2835 ,3528,5050 normal led strip and so on. With the development of IC technology and growth of company power, much more models led strip light with new functions are designed to meet various needs. Color grade and changing patterns become more and more selectable. And some led strip light can accomplish LED display effects.

            Energy saving ,environmental protection, good electric property, excellent heat diffusivity ,good ability of anti-attenuation and reliable are the main characteristics of Normand LED products.

            Nowadays, Normand LED sells well in America, Europe and Asia market. In domestic market, Normand LED already stands in its position and become the famous leading LED lighting company, Normand LED receive great compliment by clients.

            We believe that credit is uppermost,quality comes first and pursues excellence to push developing and innovation,we will make great contribution to Lighting industry and environmental programs.

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