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            SK9822A VS APA102 LED

            Update Time : 2020-05-15 View : 176

            Let’s talk about the difference between SK9822A and APA102. Both of them have Data and Clock signal input and output ,which make their signal more stable ,and as we know there are extra capacitor on the PCB in some led strip , as they need capacitor make the signal stable . and SK9822A and APA102 don’t need it.

            APA102 LED in the market now is not hot sale , as there's many false APA102 LED , Which PWM rate is not so fast as APA102 , The real APA102 PWM refresh rate: 20kHz.transmission rate 20MHZ.

            Now New version SK9822A come out , SK9822A PWM refresh rate can reach 27khz. transmission rate 40MHZ Which is faster than real APA102. in addition you don’t need to worry about buying false APA102.

            By the way, If you want to buy real APA102 LED , just contact us , we can supply you .until now ,APA102 have 5050 ,2020 1515 SMD version . and SK9822A only have 5050 version , we will design SK9822A 2020 1515 SMD version soon .
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