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            65536 gray scale adjustable SK9816MIRCO LED

            Update Time : 2020-05-19 View : 213

            SK9816MICRO is a 2427 size led, 4PIN single-line gamma correction 65536 gray scale adjustment, widely used in the display field, special-shaped display products.

            Now I will introduce you  a leader in the display field-SK9816MICRO, suitable for display products such as glass display, special-shaped screens, alternative display screens, etc.

            Product Overview :

            SK9816MICRO is an intelligent external control LED light source that integrates a single-wire

            transmission three-channel (RGB) drive control circuit and a light emitting circuit. The product

            contains signal decoding module, data buffer, built-in constant current circuit and RC oscillator;

            internal integrated current gain control module, CMOS process, low voltage, low power consumption;

            default output of three-channel constant current driver is 19mA, single-wire output is adopted, The

            output actions of each chip in series are synchronized; the power-on default is no light. Unipolar NRZ

            data protocol of communication, the transmission-line LED driving control dedicated chip, while the

            chip built-in current gain adjustment function, setting the current 1.75mA ~ 19mA, a total of 16 current

            gain levels; refresh rate of the PWM signal is high 4KHz, displays become more smoother, dark streaks

            solve the shooting screen;

            ● Top SMD internal integrated high quality external control line serial cascade constant current IC; 5V
            application; default on electric lights;
            ● Control circuit and the RGB chip in SMD 2427 components, to form a complete control of pixel,
            color mixing uniformity and consistency;
            ● Single-wire synchronous control, built-in one-way transmission function, the concatenation shaped
            output; prevent attenuation data;
            ●OUTR/G/B each 4bits current gain adjustment bit, grayscale adjustment circuit ((gamma correction)
            65536 gray scale adjustable);
            ● Current driver as high-accuracy and high stability oscillator, current error <± 5%.
            ● Built-in PWM patented technology, refresh rate up to 4KHz, signal transmission rate of 800Kbps.
            ● When sending current gain data, all need to send 16bits current gain adjustment bit. When sending RGB
            three-color current gain bits, the reserved 4bits gain data is also randomly input, but it can not be null;any
            data can be sent.

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