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            About SK6812MINI 3535 LED And SK6812MINI RGBW LED Chip

            Update Time : 2020-06-18 View : 197

                 In order to make our products to meet the requirements of different customers and expand the market of Smart LED, make greater contributions to industry development .our company continues to increase investment in research and development.Make our new product development capabilities much stronger,  so,a new type smart led come out again , it is SK6812MINI RGBW LED 

                  As you know , in the market ,there are many types of mini smart led , such as our SK6812Mini led ,it is RGB Version in 3535 SMD, and there are many types of RGBW Smart led , such as SK6812 RGBW , It is RGBW version but package with 5050 SMD.In order to make our product different from the market , make the smart RGBW led in small size smd , We design SK6812MINI  RGBW , It is is 3535 SMD too . 4 color in one SMD embedded with one 4 channel IC . so in one LED ,you can get 4 color, Then the customer have more choice when they design their product .

                 In a word , our comany have more and more smart led , Our philosophy is that ,make more new product that another competitor don’t have , and for those product some competitor have , we must be better than them 

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