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            WS2815 LED Strip Current Position: Home > Products > WS2815 LED Strip
            • DC12V 144LED/M WS2815 LED Strip

              Signal breakpoint transmission, any fault pixel won‘t affect signal transmission ,unless two consecutive adjacent fault LED


              1) Voltage: DC12V

              2) IC type:WS2815

              3) LED type: SMD5050 RGB

              4) LED quantity: 144pcs/meter

              5) Pixel: 144pcs/meter

              6) Max power: 43.2W/meter

              7) Greyscale: 256

              8) Size: 5000x12x3mm

              9) Package: 1meters/reel/anti-static bag


              1) Signal wire: 12V, DI, BI, GND

              2)12V and GND connect to power supply; DI, BI and GND connect to controller

              3) Relative Controller: SPI controller support WS2815 chip; when use DMX decorder, can connect to DMX system

              4) Support online control


              1) Each pixel can be controlled individually

              2) Can show any color

              3) Can be used as flexible led display screen to show image and video

              Installation Notice:

              1) Make sure the connection is correct according to the diagram

              2) Pay attention to the parameters limit of voltage. DO NOT run over the peak value

              3) Keep the surface of installation clean and smooth avoid breaking off

              4) Avoiding the crook area just the position of LED and other components, in order to protect the product and extend the life span of the product

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