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            • SK9822-A LED/SK9822A LED

              The Max PWM Frequency Speed can reach 27KHZ

              1. Product Overview :

              SK9822-A is a two-wire transmission channel three (RGB) driving intelligent control circuit and the light emitting circuit in one of the LED light source control. Products containing a signal decoding module, data buffer, a built-in constant current circuit and RC oscillator; CMOS, low voltage, low power consumption; 256 level grayscale PWM adjustment and 32 brightness adjustment; use the double output, Data and synchronization of the CLK signal, connected in series each wafer output action synchronization.

              2. Main Application Field:
              ● Full color LED string light, LED full color module, LED super hard and soft lights, LED guardrail tube,
              LED appearance / scene lighting
              ● LED point light, LED pixel screen, LED shaped screen, a variety of electronic products, electrical
              equipment etc..

              3. Description:
              ● Top SMD internal integrated high quality external control line serial cascade constant current IC; 5V
              application; default on electric lights;
              ● Control circuit and the RGB chip in SMD 5050 components, to form a complete control of pixel,
              color mixing uniformity and consistency;
              ● The two-wire synchronous control.
              ●The three RGB output control, 8Bit (256) color; 5Bit (32) to adjust the brightness;
              ● The three constant current drive, self detection function specific signal
              ● The maximum frequency of 30MHZ serial data input
              ● The double data transmission, built-in support uninterrupted oscillation PWM output, can maintain a
              static image.

              4. Mechanical Dimensions:

              5. PIN configuration:

              6. Recommended dimensions for PCB products:

              7. General description of product naming:

              SK9822-A LED Datasheet:http://www.zcwscli.com/upload/202005/SK9822-A%20LED%20Datasheet.pdf

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