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            • SK9810MICRO LED

              1. Product Overview :
              SK9810MICRO is an intelligent external control LED light source with one line transmission three
              channel (RGB) drive control circuit and light-emitting circuit. The product contains signal decoding
              module, data buffer, built-in constant current circuit and RC oscillator; internal integrated current
              gain control module, CMOS process, low-voltage and low power consumption; three channel constant
              current driver default output of 9ma, using single line output mode, the output of each chip in series is
              synchronous; the light is not on by default when power on. The data protocol adopts unipolar return
              code communication mode, single line transmission LED driver control chip, and the chip has built-in
              current gain adjustment function, which can set current 0.25ma ~ 9.0ma, a total of 16 current gain
              Channel data output 16 bit gray data, output real 65536 levels. The refresh rate of PWM signal is as
              high as 4kHz, which makes the display more delicate and smooth, and solves the problem of dark

              stripe in the picture;

              2 . Main Application Field:
              ● LED full-color light string, led full-color module, led magic soft and hard light strip, LED
              guardrail tube, led appearance / scene lighting
              ● LED point light source, LED pixel screen, led special-shaped screen, all kinds of electronic

              products, electrical equipment, racing lamp..

              3. Description:
              ● Top SMD internal integration of high-quality serial cascade constant current IC; 5V
              power supply application; default power on does not light up; built-in power supply regulator
              ● The control circuit and chip are integrated into SMD 2427 components to form a complete
              external control pixel. The color temperature effect is uniform and consistent;
              ●Single line synchronous control, built-in unidirectional transmission function, cascade data
              shaping output; prevent data attenuation;
              ●4 bits current gain adjustment bits of outR / G / B and gray level adjusting circuit;
              ●Three way constant current drive, built-in high precision and high stability oscillator,
              current error < ± 5%;
              ● Built in PWM patent technology, refresh rate up to 4kHz, signal transmission rate up to
              ● Data transmission mode: trst + 1st 48bits + 2nd 48bits + +N 48bits + 16bit current gain
              data + reset data, current gain data, when sending current gain data, it is necessary to send
              16bits current gain adjustment bit; when sending RGB three color current gain bit, 4bits gain
              data of reserved bit is also filled in randomly, but cannot be empty; any data can be sent;
              ● Product support supports dynamic energy saving mode (automatic start stop);

              ●The product supports ultra-low power standby mode

              4. Mechanical Dimensions:

              5. PIN configuration:

              6. Recommended dimensions for PCB:

              7. General description of product naming:

              SK9810MICRO LED Datasheet:


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